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My DDD East Anglia Presentation : A brief introduction to making your own (Internet of Things) Thing

A few months ago (I know, I’m really slow at blogging!) I gave a presentation at DDD EastAnglia on how to make your own Internet of Things Thing. Here are my slides from the talk:

The Gadgeteer code can be found on GitHub at

The NeoPixel rings I used in the SteamPunk goggles are available from AdaFruit at and the Arduino code is a slight modification of the example code that AdaFruit make available for the NeoPixels on GitHub


IoT Bingo Cards

Have you noticed all the hype around IoT? So many buzz words like Big Data, Machine Learning and so on. If you go to an IoT conference why not print out of the bingo cards from the attached and see how well you do.

In other news, be sure to bring one to the Internet of Things Day in Oslo, I’m on at 1:30 in Room 3 talking about how a simple IoT solution is driving sales and empowering the customer from a consulting project I’ve been working on.


Print out one of the cards in the attached PDF and if you get a BINGO run I’ll give you one of the cool triple function pens (but I won’t have many so be quick!)

IoT Hype Bingo Cards