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DDD East Anglia Ticket Competition. Get your #DDDEA On!

Tinamous has been sponsoring DDD East Anglia since it started and we’re immensely proud to be able to help the event happen. If you’ve not been to a DDD event you’re missing out on some amazing community events.  They happen all over the UK, so be sure to check out one near you.
Just like in previous years, the tickets for this free event sold out in the blink of an eye.  As a sponsor, Tinamous receives a number of free tickets and we’re giving them away!
Here’s your chance to win 1 of 4 DDD East Anglia Tickets…
Tinamous is all about getting things onto the internet and building your own Internet of Things. We make it really easy to get data from and interact with internet connected devices such as the Particle Core,  Photon, Arduino’s and Raspberry Pis.
We would like to know what ‘things’ you would like to see connected to the internet. Give the maker community ideas for ‘things’ they could make which would be useful when internet connected.
How to Enter:
Tweet the ‘thing’ you would like to get connected. Be sure to include the #GetYourThingOn hash tag.
Example Tweet:
  • Avoid the obvious and already connected. No prizes for fridge, smoke alarm, thermostat etc. They’ve all been done.
  • Prizes will be awarded based on usefulness and originality.
  • Feel free to add your reasoning (e.g. in a second/third tweet or blog post), especially if it’s not obvious.  (This is not required for entrance to the competition.)
  • Feel free to include #Tinamous or #IoT, if you like and have room left in the tweet, but again, these are not a requirement.
The rules are simple.
  • Entrance is via a tweet posted on Twitter.com as described above.
  • The tweet MUST include the hashtag #GetYourThingOn
  • There will be only 4 Winners.
  • Tickets will be awarded on Saturday, 19 September 2015 so be quick!
  • Notification of winners will be via Twitter.
  • Tickets are for DDD East Anglia on Saturday, 26 September 2015 in Cambridge.
  • The prize is the ticket only. Transportation and other expenses are not included.
  • Judging will be by myself, (@TinamousSteve).
  • The judge’s decision is final.
  • Ticket has no monetary value.