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IoT Bingo Cards

Have you noticed all the hype around IoT? So many buzz words like Big Data, Machine Learning and so on. If you go to an IoT conference why not print out of the bingo cards from the attached and see how well you do.

In other news, be sure to bring one to theĀ Internet of Things Day in Oslo, I’m on at 1:30 in Room 3 talking about how a simple IoT solution is driving sales and empowering the customer from a consulting project I’ve been working on.


Print out one of the cards in the attached PDF and if you get a BINGO run I’ll give you one of the cool Tinamous.com triple function pens (but I won’t have many so be quick!)

IoT Hype Bingo Cards

The world is going all IoT!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a massive pace, more and more devices are getting internet enabled and they all need a home.

Sites like Twitter have proved how powerful communication is even with only 140 characters, however you probably wont want your fridge, freezer and weather station all sending reports to Twitter and them getting merged into the mass of tweets flowing past you eyes and out there for everyone to see.

Internet based devices tend to report data, such as the temperature of your fridge, if the power has failed, the current light level and sites like Twitter don’t support measurements, other sites that do support measurements lack microblogging status messages and a Twitter style interface, so Tinamous is designed to bring these worlds together, a Twitter-like interface supporting measurements and alerts as well as status posts.

With Tinamous we bring the world of simple short communications together with devices measurements and alerting to provide a private dashboard of all your devices, at a quick glance you can see a history of status posts and measurements.

It’s got an Arduino, Netduino, Gadgeteer and generally micro friendly Api. We know that these devices have seriously limited capabilities. Trying to set-up OAuth, or HTTPS on them can be very difficult, if not impossible so our api is designed with them in mind.

Which is really just to say, hello and welcome to Tinamous and the Tinamous blog!